message sent

off it goes!

your message is a real dope!

what a dope!

You are the 10^x Visitor!

Win a free iPhone!

your message got a cold!

shouldn't have left it outside!

your message was too hot!

ouch ouch ouch.

your message went to heaven!

i wonder if we'll ever see it again?

your message went to hell!

ah, only damnation awaits. hate it when that happens.

your message was intercepted by something

out there, in the somber bowels of space.

3p1c h4x0r d373c73d

what did you think would happen?


aren't you happy to continue in this earth of ours?

love is in the air!

and that's the only thing that matters!

scary night!

be careful out there!

gifts for all!

but mostly me, ok?!?